Captain John Smith

By Hunter Dickson


Captain John's life was full of adventure. When he was young, John Smith was an English soldier. Captain John Smith helped establish the first permanent English settlement in North America called Jamestown. He was later captured by the Powhatan Indians. Stay tuned to hear Captain John Smith's adventurous life story.

Life as a soldier

Before Captain John Smith was a captain. You and I want to know how captain John Smith. Here is the story of how John Smith became a captain. Ever since he was 16, he wanted to be in the military after his father passed away he had no choice and joined the military to become a soldier. John Smith worked really hard and finally got promoted to a captain. John Smith tried to find a good place to build Jamestown he started with 600 men but only 70 men survived the winter. That explains how captain John Smith became a captain.

The founding of Jametown

Before John Smith took charge of Jamestown, the colonists were dying of disease and starvation. Captain John Smith decided to make one rule when he first became leader. The rule was whoever does not work does not eat. The settlers learned to work and trade with the Indians. More settlers arrived in Jamestown,and by 1609, the colony had 500 people. In early 1609 his gunpowder accidentally blew up and he was injured. John Smith had to return to England and the colony started to die down again. John Smith was a great leader in Jamestown and made sure the colonists were hardworking and healthy


John Smith and Pocahontas first met when he was captured by the Patuxet Indians. On a hunting and exploration trip December 1607, Smith was captured by Indian warriors and taken to chief O,one of Powhatan's brothers. After being taken to several villages,Smith was finally taken to chief Powhatan. Powhatan asked why they came and what were they looking for. The indian's gave Smith a feast then placed his head on two rocks as if they were going to bash his brains out Pocahontas came up and laid her head on John Smith and saved his life. This concludes how John Smith and Pocahontas met and saved his life.


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The adventures of Captain John Smith


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