She's The Man

Character Analysis

Sebastion or Viola?

These two pictures shown are when she is herself and when she is dressed as her brother Sebastion.


Viola, a high-school soccer star who receives some very unwelcome news at the beginning of the film: She's told that the male-dominated administration of her school has ended the women's soccer program, ostensibly due to lack of interest, but if you read between the lines, it's clear that there's more at play here, namely male chauvinism disguised as bureaucratic red tape. When Viola suggests to the coach of the male team that she should be able to tryout, she is roundly mocked by the coach, the players, and even her boyfriend, who scoffs at such a suggestion. Viola rises to the occasion and abruptly ends her relationship with Justin, though it won't be the last she sees of him. Thus, in order to demonstrate that women can compete with men on the pitch, Viola takes advantage of the fact that her twin brother is in London for two weeks, and by means of some furtive subterfuge -- Viola undergoes a male makeover, disguising herself as her brother in order to enter an elite boarding school and tryout on the men's soccer team. The stratagem is a success, and she finds herself playing for the boy's squad.


Viola Hastings is a high school soccer player at Cornwall, which has just cut its girls' soccer team. After her request to join the boys' team is refused by the sexist coach, she finds a way to play for Cornwall's rival,Illiria. Viola's twin brother, Sebastians supposed to enter illiria as a new student, and since he is instead going to a contest in London with his fledgling band, Sebastian asks Viola to cover for him by telling the school that he is sick and each of their parents thinks that he is staying with the other. Viola instead decides to pass herself off as Sebastian and join the boys' soccer team at Illyria. She hopes to beat the Cornwall team and humiliate her cocky and sexist goalie ex-boyfriend, Justin Drayton who plays for the Cornwall boys team.


Everyone else in the story sees Viola as a bit weird but to start it off, Olivia actually falls for Sebastion (Viola). Olivia thinks he is really handsome and such an amazing guy. She syas he is probably one of the sweetest guys she has ever met and how he's really understanding and has a lot in common with him. Then there's the guy who likes Olivia and is jeoulous of Sebastion for winning her heart, I guess you can say. Pretty much everyone else thinks Viola is weird or just jealous of her and in the end they all turn out to like her for who she actually is.


A couple things I might have in common with Viola is that just like she wanted to prove that not only guys can play soccer, I wanted to do the same. Reason I wanted to do this was because not only guys can play soccer and guys are not better than girls in soccer because of their gender. I wanted to prove my point but instead of dressing like a guy to make the guys soccer team, a couple other females and me challenged them. Guess who won? The girls one.

Some things that are not similar between me and Viola may be the part where she dressed as a guy and well, her own brother to prove a point. That's one thing and other is having to go to a college and have a guy roommate and all, just to make the guys soccer team.