Foolish Men- Sor Juana

By Olivia Gause

About the author

Again we meet a woman ahead of her time. Sor Juana was amazingly brilliant, but because of her gender she forced to become a nun because going to University was not an option for her.

Foolish Men

The title says much in that men are foolish to think that they know all the answers. I feel that much of this may be brought by Sor Juana's own frustration at having to hide her education simple because she is a women. The movie itself illustrates how dangerous it was for her to have 'non-Christian' books in her room.

Relation to current day: Rape Culture

Over three-hundred years later it's sad how much of this poem applies today. In America we romanticize males who are pushy and demanding. Such examples as "Oh he pulled your hair? Well he must like you!" are evidence of that.

"God bless the women who won't have you, no matter how loud you complain"

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Ties to Malintzin

This poem ties in with last week's discussion on Malintzin in a very powerful way from the start. "Silly, you men-so very adept at wrongly faulting womankind" speaks to how Malintzin made the best of her situation but never truly had a choice. Sor Juana, being as intelligent as she was, probably would have realized this.