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Beemolo, is a mobile, local search app for users to find businesses and organizations in Lawrence, Kansas. Our listing data base has been cleansed, qualified and verified. As an authoritative resource, Beemolo presents a complete and accurate snapshot of listing data for Lawrence. We believe mobile users want clean and current listing data. Our retrieval information is very different from other search utilities available for mobile users. Those competing systems "lease" access from Listing Aggregaters located all over the US. This geographic separation from Lawrence is problematic because the data reply is incomplete, inaccurate and substandard. Beemolo is on the streets of Lawrence daily with our finger on the pulse of the community and its communication needs.
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Applebee's - Lawrence, Kansas

There are some major benefits to first movers into my Beemolo App. I have started the contact of Lawrence businesses beginning with those clients that I have worked with for many years. That relationship was between Applebee's and my other business, BackPack Publications - the original KU Academic Planner. I realize that does not obligate you in any way. My thinking is that it is prudent to begin with those trust relationships that I have cultivated over many years.

This online flyer will make it easy for you to transmit information about Beemolo to others. Just copy/paste the link address to email. Download the app with some others and get their input. My experience has been that KU students are "WOW'd" by the fast KU information. As you know, Premium Space is limited if that is any consideration.


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