Nothing Gold Can Stay Robert Frost

By: Mia Smith


I think this poem is about once the character in the poem had a very good life and it was like gold. But then it a started going downhill.


Nothing last forever.


Nature first green is gold. The imagery shows me nature first blooming and it makes me feel like he thinks the girl is like gold. ~Metaphor

But only so an hour. She doesn't stay with the boy long its only for an hour. ~Metaphor

~ Attitude / Tone ~

This poem makes me have a sad feeling.

~ Shifts ~

In the beginning of the poem he acts like him and the girl are perfect and towards the end everything starts going downhill and and the perfect times they had because depressing.

~ Title~

The title is about something you think is amazing and it turning bad.

~ Theme ~

I think the poem is about a boy is falling in love with a girl and its all swell at first and then the girl starts seeing someone else and it gets all sad.