Katie's and Alexa's geocity

Chill vile geo city

Hello I'm mayor dwarf and I'm here to tell you a little more about chill vile.

Let's look my favorite Rubies truffle bar awwww did you notice that the truffle shop is in my favorite shape. All of the places are shapes. Even though my house is crumbly people still notice it's a cube of some sorts.

The streets

Did you notice the streets have angles? Let's look at them! Sunny Ln. And cool breeze ave.have parallel lines, and sunny Ln. and forest dr. are perpendicular , and sweet time ave. and forest dr. are intersecting. How cool


I mentioned the truffle bar was my favorite so let's look at it! Wow it's a rectangular pyramid how cool! Let's look at the pet store to the left it's a pentagon meaning it has 5 sides. Ooo I an smell the flowers from the flower cart there is a rectangle on the top how nifty.