The goddess of All-Gifts

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Mother Earth

She had two sons Prometheus and Epimethius

In the beginning

Mother Earth had two sons Prometheus, and Epimethius. Prometheus killed an ox and hid all the good meat in the stomach. He then gave the gods every part of the ox except the stomach. He then showed fire to humans. When the gods realized what had happened, they decided to take fire from Prometheus so he couldn't cook. When Prometheus stole fire back, Zeus decided to punish all of humanity.
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He stole fire from the gods

The Punishment

He ordered the gods to make a beautiful women. All gods contributed and gave her something. This is why Pandora is known as the goddess of all gifts. Zeus gave Pandora to Epimethius as his wife. Zeus gave Pandora a wedding gift. Many argue it was a jar while others say it was a box. Zeus gives Pandora this box and tells her never to open it. Pandora's curiosity got the better of her however and she opens the box. This releases hundreds of evil spirits onto the world. The only thing left in the box was the only good spirit. Hope. This too is up for debate as some say hope made it out of the box and others say it remains there to this day. In the end Pandora was responsible for releasing evil onto the world.