Modern Dance

Rebecca Johnstone


According to historians, modern dance has two main birthplaces: Europe (Germany specifically) and the United States of America. Although it evolves as a concert dance form, it has no direct roots in any ballet companies, schools or artists. Modern dance emerges as a consequence of its time, alone and outside any academic institution.


Alexis Convento, originally from Philadelphia PA, is a multi-creative artist based in NYC. Alexis holds a BFA in dance from the Alley/Fordham Partnership. As a dance artist, Alexis works both in the concert and commercial worlds. Alexis is the Founder, Creative Director and Producer of the Current Sessions, a contemporary dance series. Alexis believes that with dance, there are endless possibilities.



-Don't tell the world that we know

-Give into my play

-Wild me

-A desire, want but

-In this place with

Excerpts from "in this place with"
Alexis Convento & Artists - Excerpts 2012