Foundation Newsletter

May 2017

Our topic

Here is a summary of what the children will be learning in each of the seven areas of the Foundation Stage curriculum. The topic is called 'Minibeasts'.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

As we reach the final part of the year we will be thinking about the different Heornshaw values in detail. The circle times continue to be an important part of each day. Our weekly 'Tell me Tuesday' is also a way that the children can share their views and feelings.

Communication and Language

We will be sharing ideas about our knowledge of the many different minibeasts. In the classroom the children will use their talking partners to share their ideas. During free play the children will take their own learning further through play.

Physical Development

The children are enjoying a mixture of dance, physical activities in the main and small playgrounds and their golden mile running. The classes are working hard and competing to beat year 2!


The children are consolidating their writing skills focussing on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Through our exploration of different minibeasts the children will write for different purposes, such as stories, list, fact sheets and poetry,


We will be counting in 1s, 2s, 10s and even 5s. We will be recording using different methods and have a big focus on correct numeral formation. We will recap ourt knowledge on 2d shapes and begin to explore 3d shapes again, thinking about their properties.

Expressive Arts and Design

Using our new easels the children will be exploring their artist side in the shared area. Outside the children will be able to paint and chalk on the ground to create minibeast masterpieces. In our weekly singing assembly the children will be learning new songs about spiders, slugs and many other bugs.

Understanding the World

The focus will be on learning about different minibeasts each week. We will share the lifecycles and think about facts for each one.

Dates for your diary

Monday 22nd May - PTA Film Night

Week beginning 22nd May -
Foundation classes portfolio afternoons - please sign up with class teacher

Friday 26th May
- Non uniform day (£1) Last day of term.
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How can you help?

Have you got the school app on your mobile device? If not, we really recommend that you download it so that you get updates from the school. You will get reminders for important dates too. It's a great new app. Check here for details.

Homework: The homework seems to be very popular with parents and children alike. Please have a look at the new set of activities for our new topic.

Reading: The children have been doing really well with their reading. Each half term we assess the children and regroup for phonics. They started their new groups this week. As the children change to a new level with their reading books they receive a certificate and when they change colour bands they get a coloured badge to show what they have completed.

Remember to sign/initial and date a square on their record sheet. When this is full it is entered into a prize draw.

Mystery Reader: If you would like to come and read a story to the children in your child's class then we would love to welcome you into school. The idea of mystery reader is that the children do not know who is coming. You can arrange a suitable time with the class tecaher in advance. We love to hear stories read in a range of languages: It does not have to English and this really helps us to celebrate diversity here at Heronshaw.

Our next portfolio afternoons will be in March. Your attendance is always really good and the children look forward to these days very much. This portfolio session will be just as reports come out and the sign up for our next parent evenings go live.

Here are some links to useful sites where your child can learn more at home.




Want to have a challenge? An exciting booklet with lots to challenge your child.

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