China's New Two-Child Policy

By: Becca Stone

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When China's One-Child Policy Began

1970-1976: Many countries had been worried about their growth in Population and China, as well apprehensive about their population had taken this to the extreme. China had run a birth control campaign that had come out successful and had cut the population growth by half during this time.

1979: During this time, the Chinese government had started to introduce a policy that made it necessary for China's Han minority to have only one child in their family.

1980: During this time, the policy about having one child had now come into full effect. A letter was issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and this letter had a goal to curb the population by bringing it down 1.2 million people by the end of the 20th century.

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Enforcing the Law

The Chinese government issued a permit to couples to have a child and the couples were fined if a child was born into their family without a permit. Along with a permit, the government is offering the women longer maternity days and if there are families who comply with the law without argument, they offer an award called the "Certificate of Honor-for Single Child Parents"

Many of the other things that the government would do was to have inspections of families homes to make sure that they were not hiding other children and forced abortions.

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Map Explanation

This map is showing China and which providences in China that had made the one child policy strict business or which providences were relaxed when it came down to this policy. When looking at the map, you see that the colors representing "relaxed, medium, and strict" being represented well and it is easy to tell which from which. What I believe is missing is a description on what medium means because it is hard to tell which providences in China are more towards the strict side but not 100% strict. But why was this policy only strict to the eastern part of China? What did this decision do to the other providences in China?
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Cartoon Explanation

In this cartoon we see a Chinese city in the background. The city has cranes coming out of some of the buildings which is showing that there could be construction going on inside the city and it just has not been finished yet. The city is very dark and dull only showing grey but my eyes were drawn to the Chinese flag hanging from the front building. Another part of the cartoon that I notice is that the road that two men are standing on is empty. So the artist has shown that the city is completely empty. The two men standing in front of the buildings on the road look professional so they seem to be members of the Chinese government. Some of the quotes or labels shown in this cartoon are a quotation saying "Now we need to populate these ghost cities." This quotes is representing how the government is now starting to pull away from the One Child Policy to populate some of their cities.

Turning to the Two Child Policy

2013: China relaxed its policy for parents who were parents of one child and one parent was a only child, to have two children

January 2016: China has allowed Chinese couples to have two children in their homes dismissing the 35 year old one child policy that they used to have

Before changing the policy, many parents who had children that were unregistered stood outside of China's National family planning offices and protested. According to the article, many people were holding signs saying that their children were "motherland's flower and should be treated differently." Most of the protestors included parents of children and grandparents and they were protesting for the government to remove their fines.

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Questions I have about this topic

-Why did some Rural areas of China already have access to this policy?

-When Rural areas had two children, did they have to register both of them?