Rock'in Poster

by Vanessa Carlisle

Rock vs Mineral

Minerals are definite solids that are not made by humans. They are not alive or have been made from plants or animals. Each mineral is made by chemical elements.

The four characteristics that it must have to be considered a mineral

1) Forms in nature

2) Is a solid

3) Has a definite chemical makeup

4) Has a crystal structure

Rocks a solid that is compacted of minerals. It is made over time.

The three characteristics it must have to be considered a rock

1) Forms in nature

2) Is a solid

3) Usually made up of 1 or more types of minerals

Types of Rocks & What They are Used For

Basalt- Igneous Rock- Is used in road building materials

Granite- Igneous Rock- Used in tombstones, buildings and monuments

Marble- Metamorphic Rock- Is used in buildings, floors, and tiles in bathrooms

Obsidian- Igneous Rock- Used in making arrow heads and knifes

Slate- Metamorphic Rock- Is used in roofs, chalkboards, and patio walks

Aluminum- Mineral- Is used in the making of cans, lightweight parts of planes and cars, it may even be present in certain types of deodorant

Coal- Rock- Is used in the burning of fires to heat homes, cooking food, and heating oils

Gold- Is used in dentistry and jewelry

Graphite- Mineral- Is used to make pencils

Limestone- Mineral- Is used to make chalk, also used in making fire places

Zinc- Mineral- Is used in making nails and roofing

Bismuth- Rock- Is used in medicine for an upset stomach

Silver- Rock- Is used in making dental and medical equipment

How Rocks and Minerals Affect Our Lives

We use rocks and minerals every day without even thinking twice of it. Many things that we use, and really need, are made of rocks and minerals. From things such as planes, to the smallest of things like braces and jewelry. We even live in rocks and minerals. Without them life would not be the same.
Exploring Rocks and Minerals