Here is what is going on with me :]

Good Morning!

I wanted to start by saying thank you for thinking of me over the holidays! It can be hard starting a new life, and adjusting to not being around all of my family so all of your thoughts and love really meant a lot to me. I hope your holidays were full of love and happiness as well.

I am so excited about my life right now, and I have never felt more right in what I am doing!

I am living in the Lower Queen Anne Neighborhood (a block away from the Space Needle!) with my best-friend/boy-friend Paul. Our building was built in the early 1900's and has amazing hardwood floors, large windows, and a CLAW-FOOT BATHTUB (a major selling point for me haha). The apartment is still coming together as far as the decor, but we have an awesome mustard yellow love-seat atop a shag carpet, with our vinyl collection and my sewing station nearby, and pictures adorning the walls, so it definitely feels like home.

I am currently working as a cocktail waitress at a Queen Anne neighborhood staple, Tini Biggs/Hula Hula. Tini's is a classy craft cocktail bar with a dimly lit lounge feel and Sinatra constantly playing in the background. Hula Hula is a tiki karaoke bar where people go to lose their inhibitions and let their voices shine (sometimes :]). I really enjoy where I am working. They are a small business and they really appreciate, as well as acknowledge, my hard work. I have a lot of fun creating experiences for people there. As good as I am at serving, I don't think that it will come as any surprise for me to say that I do not want to have it as forever career.
Now onto the really exciting stuff...I am applying to go back to school this summer!!! I am so beyond ready to start this next chapter of my life. I finally feel that I have found and area of study that not only compliments my dream-big mindset, but also allows me to actually see myself with something career applicable. The school that I am applying to is Bastyr University. It is in Kenmore, which is only a thirty minute drive North of the city, and the campus is beautiful. The program that I will be applying to is the Holistic Landscape Design Certificate Program. It is a two year program, studying permaculture and everything that composes that type of systems theory, and they have hands down one of the best programs in the country! ( http://www.bastyr.edu/academics/areas-study/certificate-holistic-landscape-design ) That's a link to the main program page in case you are interested. Anyways I have started to study on my own, and I am just feeling overall very inspired and positive about the whole situation.
Well that is about all that I have going on in my life at the moment. I wish that I was closer to you so that I could give you a hug and a kiss right now! I love you and I hope that you are feeling blessed and happy :]