for Murder & Attempt

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White Male. Height - about 5-11, Weight- about 190 lbs, Hair - long light brown, Eyes -Dark brown. this man is accused of murder and attempted. Very dangerous and walks around with a cane, dressed like an upper class man with exotic animals." he has no friends except for a group of Roma (gypsies)"


He murder his step-daughter with the speckled band(known as the snake from india) and got away with it just before she was going to get married.

The attempt murder of Helen Stoner who is still alive thanks from the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson they help evade a crime

Though at the end he was bitten by his own lethal weapon.


After the death of his wife, he inherited her money she got from her land and left him her two daughters.When the daughters got married, a portion of the money that fed them will be given to the daughters when they got married.

Reward for his HEAD

Eight Thousand Pounds = U.S- 1,056,000 Dollars

prior to the Eight years spent