Market Research Analysts

About the Job

Market Research Analysts help organizations make decisions about their companies and what to do with their products by gathering data and information from two main areas: consumer wants and needs and trends in industry and government purchases. Most analysts tend to specialize in one of the areas and focus on that specific area. A market research analyst typically has a 40 hour per week schedule and might have to work overtime to meet deadlines.

Qualities Needed

Requirements and Training Needed

A market research analyst must have a high school diploma or GED and a bachelor's degree. Experience as a research assistant is good to have before starting the job or doing an internship during school. If a person does not have any experience, most analysts will receive up to one year of training with their employers.


In Georgia, the hourly wage starts at $21.03 and ends at $39.38, with the median being $28.30. The median yearly average is $58,870. Through out the entire United States, the lowest hourly wage is $21.07 and the highest is $41.07. The median hourly wage is $28.99. The median yearly average is $60,300.

Job Settings

Most market research analysts work in office buildings. Some analysts may need to travel around to different offices to present their findings to other companies or employees for their particular company.

Personalities Fit for This Job

  • People who think achievement is important and good results are crucial
  • People who have a good work ethic and want steady pay and good employment
  • People who want their employers as a support system and want to be trained well
  • People who have investigative, enterprising, and conventional interests

Job Availability

Currently on Career Builder, there are 3,678 jobs available. The most available jobs are in New York with 173, Chicago with 162, Boston with 82, and Houston with 81. Wages range from $35,000 a year to $120,000 a year. The wage range is so large because of the different positions available. Of the 3,678 available jobs, there were 537 internships available with some being paid. On GoinGlobal, there were several international jobs in countries such as Australia, China, England, France, and Germany. The career of a market research analyst is not as popular and successful internationally compared to the United States.

Social Media

In today's day and age, there are many opportunities for marketers to get connected through social media. One of these ways is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook but it is for business people. It allows for businessmen and businesswomen to get connected to other people in their career field. A type of marketing network that is available is the Chief Marketing Officer Council. This council offers different types of memberships that offer different types of available information for marketing executives. This community allows for the sharing of strategies and ideas between marketing executives.