All About Finland

By: Elizabeth Cooley

Facts about Finland

  1. Finland is a beautiful country and has a lot of history.Finland joined the European Union in 1995.Although Finland is not a founder of th EU.Finlands government is a republic government.Also, in Finland for money they use EURO coins.

Finland's History

Finland was a part of Sweden for seven centuries. The country later became a independent state,following th russian Revolution.The first inhabitants were the Sami (Lapp) people.By 1809 all of Finland was conquered by Alexander 1 of Russia.

The pictures above are some of Finlands physical features.⬆️


Finland's geography is breathtaking.Bordering Finland is the countries Norway,Sweden,And Russia.the best physical feature Finland has is the continental glaciers that scored the country side.Finland is three times the size of Ohio. A most of Finland's land is made up of forest.There are thousands of lakes,many rivers and areas of marshlands.

Finland's Flag

The blue represents the thousands of lakes scattered across the country.

The white represents the snow that covers the land in winter.

Cities within Finland

Finlands capital is Helsinki.

4 other major cities in Finland are Lahti,Espoo,Turku,and Pori

Other interesting facts

1. Finlanl was the first country to allow women to vote

2. Finland has produced a number of top sport stars

3. 92 % of People in Findland speak Finnish