Your Footprint Will Always Be There

Whenever you head online and post it or tweet it, it's up there on the cloud. And it will be there forever, even if you delete from your posts. Keep calm and carry on web-surfing, but follow these 7 things while doing so to protect yourself.

Things You Need to Remember

Step 1. Remember that, unless there are settings you have changed to private, whatever you post is visible to all.

Step 2. When posting, think. If you wouldn't tell a stranger are something, don't post it. AN example is your address.

Step 3. Be nice in every post and comment. It can and will reflect on you.

Step 4. Don't post things that you think would hurt you chances to obtain a job. It could be a dumb picture posted 22 years ago when you were a teenager and it could still be dug up.

Step 5. Don't post every aspect of your day. Seriously, no one wants to know whether you had 51 cheerios or 52 cheerios for breakfast this morning.

Step 6. Always log off of accounts after you are done using a public machine. Unless it restarts, whoever comes along next can do anything they want to with their account.

Step 7. Keep passwords and other login information secret. Unless its your screenname, cause you can't keep that a secret. Again though with a password someone can do whatever they want.