Nervous System

by:Cyle,Andrew,and Mikey

Main function of the system

It connects all the tissue and organs of your body to your brain.

Main parts of the system

The Brain and The Spinal cord.

What each part does

The brain lets you see,smell,hear,touch,and taste.

How does this system affect other systems

The brain takes up alot of space.

How do other systems affect this system

They cover up the nervous system.

Some problems (disease/illness) of this system

It lets germs in side your body.

Effects of enviromental factors on the system

If you get hit in the spinal cord you can be paralyzed.

Three fun facts about the system

Did you know that the nervous system is the most mysterious system.Cortex is the middle of the brain.Memory is one of the most importent things of the body.

Recourses used

Harcourt scince text book.