The Milky WAY

A Controversial Milk Debate

Should Chocolate Milk Be Served in Schools?

Chocolate milk should be allowed in schools because it offers choice value and the opportunity to make their own decisions however seemingly minor. Chocolate flavored milk should also be a choice on the school menu because it is in fact healthy, especially after a workout, and in many cases it is the case, that chocolate flavored milk is better than no milk at all.

Choice value is a huge definite part of the lives of today's youths. We live in a more Market economy and should practice this freedom in our daily lives, however seemingly minor. We are presented with this trade-off, and are available with two opportunities. The people proposing their side in this ongoing debate have been given the opportunity to choose and decide. Why aren't we allowing our incoming generations he same freedom? It is in deed a smaller matter and yet stills is a part of the butterfly effect.
Many will contend that chocolate milk is unhealthy because of its sugar content. However, post-workout chocolate milk is superior to Gatorade and water. It is an incredibly effective recovery drink that helps muscles, your heart, and the brain recuperate.