Developing IT Systems

Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Developing IT systems

The Pro's:

Increased profits - Developing IT systems increases your profits because your IT quality will be much better and you will get more customers.

Efficiency - Developing IT systems increases the efficiency of your business because the IT will be much better and reliable since it is upgraded.

Improved customer service - Developing IT systems improve your customer service as the workers will have much better equipment to help customer.

The Con's:

Costs alot - To develop your IT systems it will cost alot of money.

Impact of staff - Developing your IT systems changes the work style of staff as it becomes more computer based so some staff wont be as good using a computer.

Security - Developing your IT systems means you need to upgrade your security alot more, also if your IT systems get hacked it can be severe to your business.

Legal requirement - If you develop your IT systems you need to accept alot of legal things like copyright claims and the data protection act, this can be very difficult.

How developments in IT would improve Technical Wizardry

Devloping IT systems could improve Technical Wizardy in multiple different ways. The first way that developing IT systems could improve Technical Wizardry is evolving into e-commerce. E-commerce is one of the largest evolvements in IT and if Technical Wizardry were to create one it could cause a large amount of extra profit for the business. Creating an e-commerce site is reasonably easy to do and doesnt cost to much to run and start, this is another benefit to technical wizardy as it wouldnt cost to much to create and has the possibility to make huge profits. Creating an e-commerce site will improve technical wizardy as it will turn them into a global business and it could cause them to become popular on the internet.

Another way that could improve technical wizardry is creating a network which computers connect to. Using computers now-a-days especially in a Tech shop is massively important to the success of a business. Creating a network that computers can connect to will speed up the work within technical wizardy substantially and increase the quality of the work within the business.

An internet connection is also a development that will improve technical wizardry, an internet connection is one of the most obvious ways that technical wizardry could improve as a business. The internet is the main thing of today where everything is done when it comes to businesses. Having an internet connection will allow technical wizardry to first create a website and use the internet to advertise and research.