Display Your Data

Due the day after the chapter exam

Do Pets or Friends Help Reduce Stress?

If you are a dog lover, having your dog with you may reduce your stress level. Does having a friend with you reduce stress? To examine the effect of pets and friends in stressful situations, researchers recruited 45 women who said they were dog lovers. Fifteen women were assigned at random to each of three groups: to do a stressful task alone, with a good friend present, or with their dogs present. The stressful task was to count backward by 13s or 17s. The woman's average heart rate during the task was one measure of the effect of stress. The table shows the data.

Based on the data, does it appear that the presence of a pet or friend reduces heart rate during a stressful task?

  • Support your answer with a Histogram and Box Plot
  • List the 5 number summaries
  • Identify/verify any outliers
  • Describe the shape, center, and spreads
Ch 4 Displaying and Summarizing Quantitative Data


  1. Does it appear that a pet or friend reduces heart rate during the task?
  2. Describe what is misleading about the three graphs.
  3. Create a misleading graph with the data.
  4. Share your data from class on your heart rate in the google doc.