Character Analysis: The Slaves

They Called Themselves the KKK

Oh Freedom! - The Golden Gospel Singers (Lyrics in Description)

we just want to have fredom

maybe we do not see the same.

We know people with different mentalities

many think I'm a simple black girl,

others think that was born to suffer and be a slave.

As my mind and heart think there is a purpose why I exist.

and only for that reason I will fight for my rights and the rights of my people.

equality is not based on color,

but that we are all human beings and we can all be whatever we want no more force is needed and want to make it possible.

I have the power and strength to scream my freedom and open the doors to a new way of equality.

I will like to know who stared the slavery?

How was does times of slavery really poor?

how the slave feel?

what they did with their kid.?

why some of the white people make them sufer alot?

I describe the history of books with my life the way that sometimes would be free from many things around me and catch my mind. for example economic family problems. little things that grab me suffer. I would like to be free of some people who have me as a slave in their lives.