Kelly's Keypers Newsletter

October 2013

Our Team Updates

Congratulations to top in team sales, Suzi Vollrath!! Woohoo!! Keep up the great work!

Believe & Achieve is in the final "Bonus" week. This week is an added perk to the the amazing program. Prizes sent out will be random. So you can earn any week's prize! '

October Team Sales Stats

Total Team Size of 28

Team Sales $6,085

Total Team Parties--12

Important Info

*It's the final week to register for the spring product premiere. If your theater is sold out, register and pay the $20 fee for the wait-list. Thirty-One cannot open more seats if there is not a wait-list.

*November Medium Utility Tote Special Ends November 26th. The medium utility tote is ONLY here for November. It will not be available after November 26th.

*December "Holi-Buys" begin on November 27th and run until the end of the catalog on December 20th. The special for December is spend $35 and you can one of the following for $5; Perfect Bottle Thermal, Everyday Wristlet, Perfect Pet Leash, Littles Carry-All, Tote-A-Tablet. The special accrues, so if your guest spend $70 before ship/tax, they can buy two etc.

*Christmas Delivery Cut-off is December 10th.

*New Spring Supplies will be available to order after the Spring Product Premiere on Dec 7th. Be sure to order early, so you can take all your catalogs with you to your holiday gatherings.

*As we come into the transition into the new spring catalog, be sure to check (tot) frequently. Products/Patterns will start to go on low inventory, the closer and closer we get to the end of the catalog.

Director's Corner

$3,195---Personal Volume

$1,728---Highest Party

4---Number of Parties

--Personal Recruits

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