the horror of modern segregation

What is apartheid and was does apartheid mean?

Apartheid is a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on ground of race.
In south Africa apartheid means "separate".
Whites from Europe wanted more power so Great Britain went to South Africa to start gaining power.Apartheid started in 1948-1994 in the land of South Africa.It was made to control another group or ethnicity.

key participants

Nelson Mandela was a key participant in the apartheid movement.
He is a South African anti-apartheid activist,revolutionary,and politician.The outside world protested with him and the united nations said it was a crime against humanity.
Whites had everything nice and clean while blacks had horrible conditions.
He gave speeches and use violent acts to stop apartheid after protesting didn't work.
He was jailed for 27 years for protesting.This angered lots of people.


The resolution or outcome of apartheid was there was protest inside the country,parties started to protest, other outside countries were willing to fight, and the government had doubts about it. Once apartheid ended Africa had a better economy but still is discriminated.

Why does apartheid matter?

Apartheid matters because it changes the way we see people in our own country.
Some people still don't like blacks and lots of people like blacks. South African have better homes now and the economy is way better.Everyone is treated fairly now. We can learn from this by not treating people by their skin color and treat them by the way they act.