The Works Progress Administration

by Julian, Skylar

Work Projects Administration

Through 1935 - !943, the Works projects Administration had provided over three million jobs for people across the nation.

Who did the WPA help?

The WPA helped millions of unemployed men and women and do public works that'll help local communities such as repair work or building.


The Works Progress Administration is a recovery program for the New Deal. This was to restart the way of consumer demand and bring back the economy to its steady flow
Works Progress Administration Federal Art Project

WPA Federal Art Project

One of many the Federal Art Project has done over 100,00 paintings and murals also 18,000 sculptures. Along the way, so many of the greatest artist of its time.

Does The WPA Still Exist?

The WPA no longer exists to this day due to the Congress closing it down in 1943. Reason it closed down was because of how much it costed to keep it up, even though it was worth it to keep it up with paying benefits in the long run, and the WPA approved that.


The WPA was a great way for the unemployed men and women to find a job which helped fix things that were damaged. This program is very understanding and turned out to be a great program at the time with many unemployed people after the Great Depression.

Was the WPA successful?

Why yes my dearly beloved, the Works Project Administration had provided a new park, bridge or school any every city in the states. It provided millions of jobs over the course of a few years, providing a great help during the great depression.