My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I started middle school

This year definitely had its ups and downs

Going into this year, I didn't have any friends, but over the year I met a lot of amazing people who I got very close to. My dad was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October and did chemotherapy from January to March. I spend my free time baking or learning about recipes I want to try. I definitely want to go into the culinary world, most likely go to school to be a pastry chef because I love to bake, mostly bread, but I have gotten into cake decorating, and some classic french pastries (profiteroles, croissants, souffles, etc.)
How to Make the Real Flaky Croissant - Classic Croissant Recipe

One of my favorite informative channels on youtube

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Best Friend!

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How most chemo days went...

This year has effected me greatly. I gained more self-confidence and I have gotten less shy. I gained many new friends and experienced new things. I also learned what I think is most important. I am really excited for next year to make new friends, to connect with others I may not have seen during the summer and find out who my new teachers will be . You were an enthusiastic and caring teacher and you really got me interested in biology. Thank you for the awesome year!