Health and Wellness Resources for Families, April 1, 2020


TOGETHER, we can get through this. We are living in an uncertain time. There is no road map on how to best navigate the uncharted crisis. What is certain is, we must take care of ourselves, our families, friends, neighbors, and communities. Be kind and forgiving to yourself. We are here for you and with you. Below are a few things that we hope provide some inspiration.

To Start Your Day, please try this 3 minute video:

3 Minutes Body Scan Meditation - Mindfulness For Kids And Adults

Talking to Your Children

Normalizing and staying in a routine helps to reduce the level of anxiety for children. Limit or turn off the television, and avoid continual news channels reporting updates as this will increase anxiety for your children. “Talking to Children About COVID19

Being in nature is good for mental health! With warmer weather coming there will be lots of opportunities to take in a deep breath of nature! There are many local properties open to the public and there are many walking and biking trails right in our own backyard with plenty of room to maintain proper social distancing recommendations.

Here are some suggestions for walking trails in Beverly:

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How To Survive Social Distancing

Astronaut Scott Kelly who spent a year living on the International Space Station shares his perspective on living in isolation:

Tips for managing the Stress of Social Distancing as a Family:

From Grown to Flown: The Agony of Social Distancing for Teens:

Animated Video shows how Social Distancing Works:

Resources for Adults

Keeping yourself well- Advice from the School Nurses GARGLE with warm salt water or Listerine two times a day (it is a sanitizer for your mouth and the back of your throat)

Keeping yourself well- Advice from a physician :

Caring for your mental health:

11 things you can do to manage your coronavirus anxiety :

How to support emotional development of your child during a crisis:

From Childmind Institute- Resources to support parents during COVID-19 - twice daily Facebook video chats with expert clinicians and daily parent tips:


And Don't Forget About School Breakfast !

In addition to serving lunch daily, our Food Services will also be sending home a nutritious breakfast for the next morning! Please remember to rewash all fresh produce, and check expiration dates on perishable products.

Please note the following locations for Food Pick up daily between 11:30am-12:00pm:

Apple Village, 600 Manor Rd

Holcroft Park, 10 Gage St.

If you are having difficulty in getting to these sites, please contact our Food Service Director, Christina Leal.

Please also contact Beverly Bootstraps for additional long term nutritional support:


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(978)921-6132 ext,11130