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An article by Avery, Mckenzie, Pratiha


The death of the lovely Juliet

This miserable wednesday morning around 7:00am Juliet was found dead laying in her bed. We are not sure what was the cause but we are looking into it. We interviewed the nurse to get more information about her death. We asked her exactly what happened and this was her response "I was on my way to go wake Juliet and get her dressed for her big day. When I arrived at her bed it looked as if she was just sleeping but it wasn't long before I realized she was dead." We tried to interview lady capulet but she was deep in sorrow and didn't want to talk to anyone. Paris(Juliet's fiancé) was last seen taking Juliet's corpse to the capulet tomb. More information on the funeral is to come.

Juliet's Funeral

"All the things that we prepared for the wedding party will now be used for the funeral. Our happy music will now be sad. Everything will be used for the opposite purpose from what we intended." Capulet said. Juliet's funeral will be held this afternoon. She will be buried in the capulet tomb and be forever missed.