The Misfits

Author:James Howe By:Kalee Gruhn

Scene Summary

"Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will never break our spirit". Bobby, Addie, Joe, and Skeezie decide to make a new political party called the "No-Name Party". They came up with the quote to tell people that name calling is bad. They have been called names since they were young and they wanted to put a stop to it. So they decided Bobby will give the speech in front of the school to show people that everyone has a name and would like to be called by their name. Not nicknames or names people call you to make fun of you, but your name you were given when you were born. This scene is important because it tells us that name calling is not nice and shouldn't happen.

Book Summary

Booby, Addie, Joe, and Skeezie wanted to make a difference, so they made a new political party. When Miss Wyman and their principal said they didn't need a new political party, "The Misfits" (Addie, Joe, Bobby, and Skeezie) didn't give up and kept trying to make a political party. They decided to make the No-Name party. The misfits have been called so many different names they want to put a stop to it. They talked to Miss Wyman and their principal and they finally gave in to let there be the "No-Name Party". Bobby gave a speech to the whole school about the No-Name Party and everyone clapped and cheered. The No-Name Party didn't win but the school decided to take The Misfits advice and go along with the No-Name party any way.