mikeys, pet eagles

made by michael G


2015:3rd March

The eaglets are revealed and they are not in eggs any more the nest was covered in snow and that was amazing the eaglets are walking isn't that amazing there alive not eggs any more it is amazing isn't it? Is it really it is amazing isn't it it is amazing more amazing for when the eggs were not birds now they are they will fly soon it is amazing isn't really amazing so do you like it I do it is amazing I have to look at them. Yes I do, yes I do.

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2015:10th March

The babies love each other. They are laying on each other!! But will fly very soon…

The eagle is in front of cam 1. This is amazing only if you could see it if you like eagles You better watch this cam!!!! This will blow your mind with cuteness!! They almost hugged you need to see this right now!!! This is outstanding!! They will fly soon use my link now!!! it is amazing what is happening look at the screenshot.

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They're branching and about to fly.
Berry's awsome eagles