Dig Up the Feild

Nowhere to Play

Why do we just sit here as we let our own government take our kids education and not let them strive in this economy as individuals. When we have all of this money to spend on the youth with will become the next generation and give the money to the schools and teachers. Instead of spending it on a game which ends in approximately 90minutes, but life isn’t a game which isn't in constant motion. Just because we are Brazilian life isn’t about all futbol, which you give us to make us forget about all our true problems in this so called life. Which you gave us that we made true and would never perceive that our government will never continue to brainwash us with means of futbol. So I want all of us to go to Estádio Mário Filho stadium in Rio de Janerio, Brazil on the 12th of June in 2014 and tear down that stadium and rip up the grass so they known that futbol isn't just our life.

Dig Up the Grass

Thursday, June 12th, 6pm

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Bring shovels and your heart.