Crimes Against Humanity

Nazi Party-Hermann Goering

Hermann Goering

Hermann was arrested for his participation in Hitler's Genocide, otherwise known as the Holocaust. He was the Director of the Four Year Plan and was responsible for the mass murder of Jews. Goering also suffered consequences for his destruction of Jewish businesses and property, he kept the Jewish treasures for himself when raiding their homes. He was quoted to say "I wish you had killed 200 Jews and not destroyed such valuable property."
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Goering committed suicide the day before he was scheduled to be hung. He killed himself using a cyanide pill that was smuggled into his cell. A suicide note he wrote said "I would have no objection to getting shot." he just didn't feel a hanging was appropriate for a man like him.


In my opinion a life sentience in prison is a good punnishment for those who partook in the Holocaust. To torture the soldiers for payback would just be inhumane and would cause more conflict. The United States are already known to be the number one country, so we shouldn't have to prove ourselves by beating Nazis. I understand that those who survived the Holocaust may feel very differently, but they have to be the bigger person. Life in prison isn't too terrible compared to what Hitler did to the Jews, yet I think it's a fair punnishment because we need to keep peace.