Gas Application Project

By: Morgan Edmonds

What is Gay Lussac's Law?

Gay Lussac's Law states that the pressure of a gas is directly proportional to the temperature in Kelvin's if volume is held constant.

What is a Real Life Example of this Law?

An example of Gay Lussac's Law in real life is a bullet being shot out of a gun.
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How Does it Work?

When you pull the trigger of a gun, a spring hammers a metal firing pin into the backend of the bullet which ignites the explosive charge in the primer. The primer then ignites the propellant which causes the chemicals to burn. As it burns, large amounts of gas are generated very quickly and pressure builds up in the back of the bullet. The increasing pressure forces the bullet down the barrel at extremely fast speeds.

How is Gay Lussac's Law Being Used?

This gas laws is being used because the increase of temperature, caused by the burning chemicals, results in an increase of pressure. This high amount of pressure is what allows the bullet to be shot out of the gun with such speed and force.