AEEA Rep Council Meeting

March 25, 2019


Dr. Fernando Rodriguez-Valls from CSUF came and told us a little about the BECOME Grant, which is the bilingual authorization program we've been encouraged to take advantage of if interested. There are 2 pathways:

Pathway A - For Bilingual Credentialed Teachers Who Want the Authorization (Vietnamese, Korean, or Spanish

  • Must take an entry exam at CSUF to assess your language proficiency. Even if you're not sure if you're bilingual enough, he encourages you to let them decide.
  • Must take 2 night courses over 2 semesters, located here in Anaheim with a cohort of AESD teachers. One is methodology and the other is culture. Courses will be taught in the target language.
  • Must take CSET LOTE III
  • You will receive a $1,250 scholarship upon completion, which will cover part of the tuition.
  • Courses are 2hr45min, once per week. He predicts a total of 90 hours of work in a 16-week semester, and they are aware you are also working fulltime.
  • Courses count toward master's units.

Pathway B - For People who already have the bilingual authorization but feel like they need an update before teaching. Including teachers, classified, and bilingual admin.

  • Attend and complete 3 modules
  • You will receive a $1000 stipend upon completion.

Someone who is already going through this program spoke up at the meeting and said it was very worth it, to the point that she accepted a DLI position next year.

If you have questions or are interested in signing up, you can email AESD's Magaly Rodriguez or Dr. Fernando Rodriguez-Valls at

Dr. Downing and Dr. Grace Accepted Questions

The topics discussed were few but deep:

Sub Shortage:

  • Can district provide list of TOSAs who are NOT federally funded since funding makes the difference whether we're allowed to sub or not?
  • It's better for the students to be covered by a TOSA than be farmed out. At what point do we take the hit and use the TOSA?
  • Admins are in general not covering classes as we've been told they should. What is the hierarchy? Apparently there is nothing in writing.
  • Working on MOU to provide compensation for teachers who have students from other classes farmed to them. Will be effective as soon as signed.
  • Per Dr. Downing: We frequently have over 125 teachers out in 1 day, which is bigger than in the past. Someone, after he left, pointed out that that may point to our mental health.
  • Is there a protocol for communicating with parents when students' days are disrupted due to farming them out?
  • Dr. Downing is open to ideas to be competitive bringing subs into our district
  • "School Business" days are currently capped at (I think he said) 30 people/day
  • Should we have some kind of survey asking teachers why they take days off? That way we can help them avoid it.

GATE Clusters

  • Is there research to support GATE clusters vs. single GATE classes? Dr. Grace will send info.
  • Are there guidelines for teachers as they build classes re: balancing ability levels?
  • GC's will have merit students first
  • GC's allow for more teacher equity re: action plans, etc
  • GC's keep classrooms from being as "exclusivized"
  • Dr. Downing had known they would work on the MOU for GATE certification before it was made public. Someone spoke up and said some communication would have been nice.
  • Site admin had been given the choice to go with GC or G. Some people had seemed to think it was a directive from top down.
  • Can/will parents be informed of GC's?

Other News

  • Temps were just notified their contracts will not be extended (as usual), so be sensitive in conversations with them. With the DLI change, things might not look too good for them.
  • DLI - not very many kids enrolled at some schools. As few as 3, and that class will stay open regardless.
  • The DLI Subcommittee (which includes Faith) is helping guide DLI program practice series for training leadership and another for parents.
  • PAC - looking for 2 members to help with elections, etc. Let me or Faith know.
  • Negotiations meet April 1. They're looking for a bargaining member - let me or Faith know.
  • Organizing Committee - We need people to organize events, including fun activities for our members. Let me or Faith know!
  • Insurance may go up next year. Anyone having any issues with iMed?