lineville technology


Typing Web

1. You learn to type faster.

2. Its fun because there is typing games.

3. Every one will remember how to type fast for there hole life .

Career Locker

1. Every one gets to find a job for there selves when they get older.

2. You do a test to see what your job should be.

3. We get to learn about are jobs that we picked.

Hour Of Code

1. You get to play code games if you get your I trailer done.

2. Every one gets to learn how to code.

3. Its fun to play.

I Trailer

1. For the I trailer you get to make a trailer about your dream job.

2. You get to make movies and trailers.

3. Every one can do what ever they want to after they are done with there trailer.


1. Every one gets to make a slide show for your job.

2. Its fun to make a slide show on Hikudeck.

3. You get to put color back rounds and pictures for the back rounds.

Explain Every Thing

1. You explain about any thing and you can draw and put blocks on it and pictures.

2. Every one gets to explain how to solve a math problem.

3. We half to talk into the mic to explain also.


1. You get to make a Smore for the 5th graders about technology and every thing you did in technology.

2. Its fun to make a Smore because you get to change the back round and the color of your title.

3. Every one gets to make a smore.