The Romantic Movement in Wrighting

By Kendra Buch

Historical Background

We see this movement in the late 18th early 19th centuries.

Some leaders are Hauthone,Nathaniel / Whiteman,Walt / Edgar Allan Poe / Shelley,Percy Busshe / Wordsworth,William / Shelley,Mary / and Coleridg,Samuel Taylor.

People need or value this because the romantic writing altered states of consciousness and enhanced one's creative potential.

The romantic movement in writing in the industrial revolution was a great time of progress where there's optimism. People start to imagine what could happen next. People began to migrate to big cities which made them dirty and people wanted to leave them. Then merchant romantic writers embraced that through escape.

Its Impact on Great Britain


Romanticism can be described as a large network of sometimes competing philosophies agendas, and point of interest.


There was a rise of materialism and conformity interns of silencing people's voices as to the dangers inherent in the increase of industrialization.


Capitalism flourished-The laissez-fair approach taken by government and advocated by Adam Smith.

Its Impact On The World


It gave raise to the working middle classes and allowed them to overcome the long-standing economic oppression that they had endured for centuries beneath the gentry and nobility.


Employment opportunities increased for common working people throughout the country.


The middle and working classes that industrialism had established led to urbanization throughout industrial cultures drastic population increases and the introduction of a relatively new economic system (capitalism).

Modern Day Counterparts

During the industrial Revolution crafts people claimed that their skills constituted a form of capital. Software engineers and webmasters are modern-day counterparts of craftspeople who possess these specific skills.

It relates to my topic because it takes skill to be a Romantic Writer.