By: Liam B. - 7th period


Generously provided by Nature, Vietnam is a country very rich of natural resources but is mostly know for its beauties. it has 3500 kilometers of beaches along the country, Nha Trang is one of the most famous. Beautiful mountains stand up in the central part and marvelous sand dunes attract constantly visitors. Ha long Bay is considered as one of the seven wonders of the World. As natural resources. Vietnam can export a lot of goods like crude oil, marine products, coffee, rice, rubber and tin.

Land of timeless charm

Vietnam climate & Geography

In Vietnam since they are near the Tropic of Cancer they get a lot of say and rain. That also makes up for the flower they look like!!!!! In Vietnam it is casual to see a flood. It's climate is very similar (in some parts) to Hawaii.

Vietnam is geographically very diversed and this explains the floods,dunes and mountains.

Population & Culture

In 2012 Vietnam had a population of of 88,775,500. An Increase of 935,500 people since 2011! The female population is larger then the men. Females make up to 50.59%. And male population makes up 49.40%. The population is also very young 44.4% represent people between 25 and 54 years old.

In Vietnam people pass down a story called the Tale of the Vietnamese dragon. In Asia no creature is more incredible then the dragon. French colonial period streets all had the same appearance and were laid out in an order similar to a chessboard; most of them were named after the goods manufactured and sold there.

Top 12 events

3000 - 1000 B.C.-Roaming tribes from southern China move into an area called the Red River Delta, where many Indonesian people are already living. Together, they form the earliest ancestors of today's Vietnamese people. people

207 B.C. - A Chinese general establishes the independent kingdom of Nam-Viet. It is made up of what is today northern Vietnam and parts of southern China.

939-After more than 1,000 years in power, China withdraws from what is now northern Vietnam, then known as Annam. It becomes an independent kingdom.

1802-Prince Nguyen Anh unites the northern, central and southern regions of his country and calls it Vietnam. The prince and the emperors who follow establish programs to build new bridges and castles and restore old structures.

1847-Angered by Vietnam's positions against business deals and Catholic missionaries, the French launch their first major attack. They fire upon the Vietnamese at the port of Danang, a city in central Vietnam.

1883-France takes control of Vietnam. In 1887, it becomes a French colony. The French take charge of Vietnam's farmlands, minerals and other natural resources. They also introduce the Vietnamese to European schooling and customs.

1940-Japan takes over Vietnam during World War II after its ally Germany defeats the French. Japan and Germany are later defeated.

1941-Ho Chi Minh, a leader of a form of government called Communism, organizes groups to fight for Vietnam's independence. In a Communist government, a country’s wealth and resources are shared by all citizens, and the government owns and controls all property.

1946-France tries to regain control of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese Communist, leads an independence movement, called the Vietminh, against the French. Communism is a form of government where a country's resources are shared and the government controls all property; many freedoms are restricted.

1959-Communists supported by North Vietnam cause conflict in South Vietnam. This conflict between the two halves of Vietnam marks the beginning of the Vietnam War.

1965-Trying to stop the spread of Communism, the United States sends combat troops to Vietnam. About 60,000 American soldiers and many more Vietnamese soldiers die in the years to follow. This loss of lives sparks anti-war protests all over America.

19773-n response to anti-war feelings, the U.S. signs a peace accord with North Vietnam. American troops leave Vietnam.

Government & citizenship

Vietnam is a socialist state governed by the Communist Party of Vietnam. A president, chosen by the National Assembly, is head of state and commander of the armed forces. An appointed prime minister runs the government. There is no voting right because Vietnam is a Communist country.There is no equal rights only one person has power. Education has always had a central role in Vietnam culture and society. It is seen as the avenue of advancement and families routinely sacrifice much to ensure their offspring get the required education. The government of Vietnam has for some time set the priority of education in terms of its budget.


Vietnam's main exports include crude oil, seafood, rice, shoes, rubber electronic, coffee, and clothing. Between 1975 and the late 1980s, Vietnam traded mainly with other communist countries, but since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, it has expanded trade with other nations.Vietnam’s economic freedom score is 50.8, making its economy the 147th freest in the 2014 Index. Its score is 0.2 point worse than last year, reflecting declines in freedom from corruption, monetary freedom, and business freedom that outweigh improvements in labor freedom and fiscal freedom. Vietnam is ranked 33rd out of 42 countries in the Asia–Pacific region, and its overall score is lower than the world and regional averages.

Company #1

I think that Camel should go to make a company in Vietnam because Vietnamese people like to smoke. This would help Vietnam be bigger on producing tobacco. The company would gain big money doing this. this would also make money so the dept that US has to pay would be relieved a little.

Company #2

I think that Apple should build a company there because Vietnam is a good producer in rubber electronics. Making the US and Vietnam rich. From there Apple can make more stores all around the world. More money, more factories.

Company #3

I think that Mc. Donald's should be there because the Vietnamese like fast food and meat. This would make it easier for people to just buy made food then make it their selves. Also making money for US. Plus the population is so big that the restaurants would be crowded.

Company #4

Baskin Robbins would be a good place because Vietnamese love sweets and Vietnam is hot so people would love to get ice cream. During the day a lot of people will come and the night some people will come. When a lot of people come a lot of money is made then the money is shipped bake to the US.

Company #5

I think that ToysR us should go to Vietnam because so many kids don't have toys so parents most likely would buy them toys. After that big money starts and more and more customers appear. That makes the US rich.