Piney Woods

temperate forest

Piney Woods of East Texas

The location of the Piney Woods is far East Texas. Its named for the tall Pine Trees in the region


The Piney Woods is in the Temperate Region and has seasons. The summers have highs in the 90s and the winter temperatures go as low as 30 degrees. Winter storms can cause freezing temperatures.


While rainfall can vary year to year, the Piney Woods are the wettest area of Texas, with the average rainfall of 32-60 inches for most of the region.


Animals in the Piney Woods are White Tail Deer, Bronze Frog, Flathead catfish, Wild hog, Beaver, and a Ring-tailed raccoon. Poisonous snakes, like the Western cottonmouth, timber rattler and copperhead are also in this area.


Plants in the Piney Woods are Pine Trees, Oak, Red maple, Water Oaks, and Eastern Red Cedar.

Biotic Factors

Biotic factors of the Piney Woods are living organisms in a biome. In our biome we have Large mouth Bass, Bronze Frog, and Pine Trees.

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic Factors in the Piney Woods are nonliving objects in the biome. In our biome we have dead sticks, a dead tree and the river running through the middle of it.