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Final Products submitted to NASA

Outer Space Camps

Kindergarten-6th grade learners collaborated and made decisions on how to best protect astronauts and spacecraft from radiation. They designed and constructed a model and came up with a variety of ways to present their finding to NASA. NASA is honoring their work as honorary astronauts and their names will be will be flown on a test flight of Orion. Included in this site you will find the learners digital piece (click on the title to view) as well as a video of their presentations. Please leave them a comment at the bottom of their page with feedback on their work.

Skype with Sharon Bowers-NASA EDC Team

We had the privileged to Skype with Sharon Bowers from NASA to guide the design of their models and check for understanding about the project. (insert)

Orion Model
Orion Girls
Orion Presentation

Grayson & Carter Presentation

Space Camp Grayson and Carter
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Orion-Anirudh & Sarvesh
Orion the Coolest Jet Plane
Firebolt Jet Plane
Vishnu's Group

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