New Amendment

To ensure that all children get free quality education.

All children are entitled to free education that will open doors for them in life.

Amendment xxvII will help the children of America, from all different backgrounds and community's get the same quality education and have fair opertunitys in life.


The cons of this amendment would be the coast. This act will coast a lot of money in insuring the best education for the kids of America. Hiring quality teachers, books, computers, and facility's will be a lot but in the long run the doors this opens for the kids will be worth it.

David Langone

All these are part of the act


This coast is already at 1.3 trillion but if that could get up to 2 trillion that would be perfect. And all the money should be distributed evenly and not one area gets more to spend then another.


Overall this not very coast effective amendment can change the lives of many young kids in the United States. We are known to have some of the most prestigious schools in the world, if we can even it out and have the worse schools get better I think it can be a huge step in the right direction for the United States.