Phlegethon Beach

The Hottest Place In Hell!

Circle 7 is the place for you!!!

Tired of the cold water on the Atlantic, or the stuck up surfer dudes of the Pacific? Come take a trip to Hell where the water is as warm as blood and the sand is even hotter.
Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca

Burning Sandals Resort

No lodge in the area has the accommodation we do. Clean rooms, Friendly staff, and a Free continental breakfast. Call today because we always have room for one more.

"Top 10 Hotels in the Nation" -Fox News

Swimming with Sinners

Tuesday, March 25th, 1am

Violence Cove

Get ready for the time of your life swimming next to our world famous sinners. They will interact with you and form an unbreakable bond. A can't miss opportunity. Book now before spots fill up..

Day Trip to Satanwood

Thursday, March 27th, 12am

Circle 9

Big drops, fast speed, and your hands up. The perfect place for the thrill seeker in all of us. Our coasters are not even federally approved. For all you non lawyers out there that means epic. Low rates if you book through Burning Sandals Resort.

Zip lining in the Woods of Suicides

Wednesday, March 26th, 5:30pm

Basin of the Woods of Suicides

High above the canopy you will zoom into adventure. At this magic place when you wave at the trees they wave back at you. We are happy to boast 22 consecutive miles of zip lining fun. Make sure to make this a stop on your spring break train

Inferno's Crab Shack

Been starving for like ever? We got you covered with our locally fished Aquatic Life. If your gonna eat tonight might as well eat with us.