Being a dancer you must be able to be all kinds of things and have many skills to do the job properly. This means being organised, creative and most importantly flexible. The company is for people ages 16 and over. We do all different types of dance from ballet to street dance.


The salary for this job is £34,000 - £40,000 a year depending on experience and how long you have been in this type of industry. Salary also depends on hours of work.

What skills you may need.

The skills for this job requires hard work and dedication, being organised and also includes team work as well as individual work. You will be working with big groups at a time so you will also need to have good communication and lots of patience. Some people may need more assistance than other so you must be a helping hand and confident enough to get the job done and sometimes work with very little help.

Days of work

You will be insisted to work 5 days a week. Monday - Friday at 9 till 5. You can also apply for working overtime if you wish which will be discussed at your interview.

Any further inquirys or questions ask a member of our team at the day of the interview you will be assigned to.