Edmond Doyle News


Our fundraiser is off to a great start. Thank you very much for helping your child sell items from our catalog. The money we make is used for us to buy school supplies, pay for transportation on field trips, provide special treats for our students, and to get necessary supplies that teachers need to have successful classrooms. Your help is crucial for us to provide the extra things we need to take care of our students.

A huge shout out to every adult that is making sure their child is getting to school on time with their homework signed and finished. You are greatly appreciated and your child's chances of success are greatly improved. We will always do our best to teach each child that passes through our doors-the secret is getting them here! Once they arrive-everyone here gets busy. We are a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School and we have been an A or A+ school five years in a row. Our teachers and staff are consistent, they rarely miss school, and you will always find them working during the day, at night, on weekends, and during their summers. Often, they take away from their own families in order to serve yours. They do this because they are dedicated, loving teachers and staff that want the children in their care to learn to read, understand math, write, and be good friends. They are trying to make a difference in a world that often seems to have gone crazy. Thank you for helping them help you raise your children!

We also wanted to let you know that when the vision and hearing screeners visited last week and today when the photographers were here, both groups complimented our students and staff. They said they always enjoy coming to our school because our students are so well behaved and because our teachers and staff are so friendly. Over the years, this has been a common theme from visitors to our school. Once we had a man visit that said that out of every county in Oklahoma and several states-our students were the best behaved!

We expect our students to use their manners and to be well behaved no matter what is going on at school. It is nice to hear from outsiders that they can tell our students are special. Thank you for expecting your children to do the right things-your hard work and the hard work of their school family is paying off!

Upcoming Events:

October 5th-PTO Meeting 6:00-meet to discuss Fall Carnival

October 10th-Tuesday- first grade goes to Cornerstone Ranch in Ada

October 11th-Wednesday-Pancakes for Parents . 7:30-8:00

October 11th-Wednesday-Peter Simon- We will go to S. Arch Auditorium to watch him. He is a classical pianist.

October 12th-Thursday-Flu Shots-information coming in Thursday folders

October 13th-Friday-Fire Prevention-1:30

October 18th-Wednesday-AR rewards trip to Mullins Park for lunch

October 19th-20th-FALL BREAK-No School

October 23th-27th-Red Ribbon Week-Dress up days to be announced

October 24th-Tuesday-Farm to You exhibit coming to our school