By: Manasi & Abby

Perks of being a pediatrician:

You get to...

Work with kids!

Help people in need!

Feel good inside!

Education & Training:

4 years - High School - High School Diploma

4 years - College - Bachelors

3 years - Residency - Certification in Pediatrics

11 years total!


Salary: $91,320 - $193,757

but... with bonuses, profit sharing, and commission total salary comes around

$94,068 - $199,636

Employment rates depend on how specific that pediatrician is.

But overall growth potential is 18%, due to many more children being born in recent years.

Best opportunities in rural areas, but harder hours in rural areas.

Job Skills, Talents, & Aptitude:

  • Ability to work well with kids
  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Organized
  • Problem solving

Typical Day:

Begins early - 5 A.M.

Throughout the day (in no specific order)

  • meet with other pediatric nurses
  • yearly check-ups with kids
  • talking one on one with ill children

Day ends around 7 P.M.

Best part: talking one on one with the kids and their parents

Worst part: barely any sleep

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