Digital Citizenship

Security & Self-Protection

Protecting Your Information From The Unknown

You lock your doors at night... why not lock information that millions of other people have access to? Here are a few steps you can take to protect yourself from criminal activity and misuse of your information on the internet.

  1. Only use trusted websites. (Not all websites are legitimate and can use information you input for other things without your permission.)
  2. Make your photos visible to only your friends and family. (Anybody that can assess your profile on a website can download and use pictures that you posted for any purpose without your permission.)
  3. Protect your computer from viruses, malware, etc. (Viruses are a form of malicious software that can slow down computer processes, crash the computer, or steal your personal information. There are a number of virus protection programs available for download.)
  4. Back up your data. (Modern computers have come a long way and still have room for improvement. This means that accidents can happen and all of your data can be lost so make sure you back up your information to a source other than your main storage.)