Davis A&M Family Newsletter

April 11, 2021

Principal's Message

Davis Families,

It is our pleasure to start our final quarter of the year in person! Our teachers have spent last week planning exciting lessons to finish out what has been a roller coaster of a school year. Last week, students received an email in their davisam.org accounts with information about which days they report. They also received an email this weekend with links to their Zoom classes for the quarter. Please note: our remote classes have moved up to start at 8:15 so that our in-person schedule matches our remote schedule.

If you have questions about any of the announcements below, please call the school at 216.838.2500

In this Newsletter, you will find information about:

  • OST Testing begins THIS WEEK
  • Review & Sign The 2020-2021 Student/Parent Handbook
  • Class of 2021 Updates: GRADUATION & PROM
  • College & Career Readiness Update for JUNIORS
  • College Now Update: Senior To-Do List
  • Parent/Guardian Book Club
  • Community Resources & Announcements
  • Update Contact Information with Davis A&M

OST Testing begins THIS WEEK

Students will complete the Ohio State Tests (OST) in person. Remote students will come to the building for the first testing date of the week for each test below. Hybrid students will come on their usual days.

  • FRESHMEN will take the MATH OST on Monday 4/19 or Thursday 4/22
  • SOPHOMORES will take the ELA OST on Tuesday, 4/13 or Friday 4/16
  • SOPHMORES will take the U.S. HISTORY OST on Monday 4/19 or Thursday 4/22
  • SOPHMORES will take the MATH OST on 4/26 or Thursday 4/30
  • JUNIORS will take the U.S. GOVERNMENT OST on Monday 4/19 or Thursday 4/22

Review & Sign The 2020-2021 Student/Parent Handbook for Hybrid Learning

During Hybrid Orientation, students received the 2020-2021 Davis A&M Student/Parent Handbook. Please review this document. Students and parents are required to sign the last page of this document. Students should turn-in the signed page upon return to Davis.

Class of 2021 Graduation

We are pleased to announce that Graduation for the Class of 2021 will take place on June 16th at The United Airlines Hangar (located at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport) at 1:00 PM.

MANDATORY Graduation Practice will take place on June 15th. Time TBD.


More great news!!!

The Senior Prom will take place on June 13th at the Tremont Cityside Ballroom. The time is TBD.

College & Career Readiness Update from Ms. Giusto

JUNIORS are doing their final editing on their resumes. The goal is to have a complete, polished resume that can be presented at a job opportunity this summer or later in the year.

The juniors are moving into the college readiness phase of the class. Working with the College Now counselor, Mr. Markusic, and the Say Yes to Education counselor, Ms. Molton, and their classroom teacher, Ms. Giusto, the juniors will begin the college application process. All students will fill out the Common Application which allows students to fill out an application once and submit it to the various colleges they are interested in attending.

As part of the college search process, students will be asked to identify colleges that they think will be a good fit for them. Then, they will be asked to research the location, the application deadline, the cost of tuition and room and board, the number of students on campus, the average size of freshmen classes and other factors that are important to the decision making process.

Parents of juniors are encouraged to talk to their students about the college or career research project. Students who are interested in two year colleges, vocational training and licensing programs will also encouraged to discover the location and costs of these programs.

Since college applications begin as early as August/September of a senior’s last year in high school, students and parents are encouraged to have discussions around choices for life after high school. Parents who need additional information are encouraged to talk to Ms. Giusto, Mr. Markusic, Ms. Molton or the guidance counselor, Mr. McCain.

From Mr. Markusic, our College Now Advisor


  • Review award letters. If you applied to college and submitted your FAFSA last semester, you should begin to receive financial aid award letters. These will outline the money you have and the money you need. Schedule a time with Mr. Markusic to better understand what your award letter means.
  • Apply for scholarships. Mr. Markusic and Mr. McCain have put together a spreadsheet with links to several scholarships. As more scholarships open, they will be added to the spreadsheet. You can access the spreadsheet here.
  • Research trade & workforce opportunities. If you are not interested in a two- or four-year degree and are instead interested in trade programs, talk to Mr. Markusic.

Students and/or parents should email Mr. Markusic (mmarkusic@collegenowgc.org) or email or call him (216-507-1768). If any student or parent would like to schedule a time to meet with Mr. Markusic to talk about their student's post-secondary path, they can do so here: www.tinyurl.com/MarkusicDavisAppointments.

Join our Parent & Guardian Book Club

Our next parent book club discussion will be for the parents of current 12th Graders. Class of 2021 parents are reading Your Freshman Is Off to College, and they will come together through Zoom on April 15th at 6PM for the group book discussion. If you would like to follow the weekly pacing guide, click here.

Thank you to those who were able to join in our parent book club for our reading of The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents. Your participation in our discussion on March 25th was appreciated and insightful.

Community Resources & Announcements

Stay Connected With Davis

A lot of important messages from the district and the school are being announced. Make sure your contact information is updated so that you receive the latest information.

*To update your address or phone number, please call the school. 216.838.2500

*To receive our school texts, please email LBowen@DavisAM.org with your cell # and your student's name

*For the latest updates: Follow us on Instagram @therealdavisam


Year-Round School Calendar Dates:


  • 12th: Year-round school classes resume
  • 13th: OST assessments begin


  • 31st: Memorial Day Observed - CMSD Facilities CLOSED


  • 13th: Senior Prom at Tremont Cityside Ballroom
  • 16th: Davis A&M Class of 2021 Graduation
  • 18th: Juneteenth Observed - CMSD Facilities CLOSED
  • 22nd: Last Day of School for Year-round Schools


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