The Reformation (1517-1685)

by: Maddie Plumez

Henry VIII

Henry VIII was born on June 28 1491, he died January 28 1547. Henry was first a lord then later the king of Ireland. He had 6 marriages, only one survived. Henry separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. He was executed by the Roman Catholic Church. Henry was the second monarch of the Tudor Dynasty. He was considered an attractive, educated, and accomplished king. Henry became morbidly obese and his health was not in good condition.

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I was born on September 7 1533 and died on March 24 1603. Elizabeth was known as the virgin queen. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII. Her mother (Anne Boleyn) was exacuted when she was 2 years old . Elizabeth and her father (Henry) founded the Anglican religion. She was the queen of England and Ireland from November 17 1558 until her death. Elizabeth died of blood poisoning.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther was born on November 10 1483 and he died February 18 1546. He was baptized as a Catholic. Martin was a German monk, and a Catholic priest. He was against the idea that a sin could be forgiven with money. Martin wrote the 95 theses in 1517. All of his writings demanded on Pope Leo X in 1520. He also translated the bible. Martin had one wife and six kids. In Martin's later years were critical. His health was in very bad shape. He died of sickness and bad health.