The Road to Perseverance

Will Maple May 2016

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is to never give up even know one is faced with hardships and or adversities.

Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt (Compare and Contrast)

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Caines arcade (Cause and Effect)

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The Sandy Road (Chronological/Sequential order)

One day a merchant wanted to sell his goods in a town to earn some money for his family. The first thing the merchant realized is that he would have to travel through a hot desert. Next, he went to gather a few friends, food, water, and oxes to help him travel. After, he gathered them all they traveled to the town. When he finally got there he realized the sand was too hot to travel in the day time so they traveled by night. After a few days, one of the merchants friends said they would be there the next day so they ate all the food and drunk all the water to make it a light travel but, the merchants friend made a mistake. They wouldn't be in the town for the next 2 days. Next the merchant persevered and looked for water while the merchants friends wanted sleep. If the merchant found grass that would mean there would be water. Once the merchant found the grass he dug for hours then he struck a rock. He told his friends not to give up even know they were faced with adversity. The merchant kept striking the rock with his hammer. Finally, he got the water and they drunk it and cooked rice. In the end, they finally got to the town and the merchant sold his goods.

The sandy road they traveled on

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Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

In this time period it wasn't right for black people and white people to interact in public. Because of this Branch Rickey felt it was wrong, so he looked for a good black baseball player that wasn't inadequate and could handle all the adversity that would come along. Branch Rickey found Jackie Robinson and felt he was right for the job so he drafted Jackie. The public didn't like that a black player played on a all white team in an all white league. The effect of this is Jackie was spit on and called mean names that could of got in his head but Jackie didn't let it. Jackie also received death threats and hate mail. Jackie's family was also threatened and could have been killed and Branch Rickey's life was also in danger. Players often tried to hurt Jackie (cut him with their spikes on their shoes, and pitchers tried to hit him with the ball.) Jackie's teammate's always ignored him. Even know they're all teammates they rejected him and sat on the other end of the bench.

Shawn carter known as Jay-Z (Description)

Jay-z had to overcome an adversity that effected him for the rest of his life. Jay-z's father left him when he was just 12 years old. To Jay-Z that was the end of their relationship. Even though his father left him he kept his ambition and used his father leaving as a fodder and used the story in songs then he forgave his father in his famous song "Moment of clarity". Jay-Z tried to reunite with his father even know he left him and his mother in the projects of Brooklyn, New York. This means Jay-z didn't give up on his father and kept persevering to meet him again. Another adversity Jay-z had to overcome is when he met Damon Dash and Kareem Burke when they all struggled to get a record deal. All three of them didn't give up even after 7 years. 7 years later they came up with an idea to produce their own record label "Roca-fella-records", which is on the top 10 list of best record labels of all time. Jay-Z has shown a lot of perseverance through out his life and career. Jay-Z is now one of the best rappers of all time.

Lessons learned

These are all people that have shown perseverance through out their lives. If one perseveres they will gain success not failure. One will only gain failure if they give up and not persevere through adversities. One should keep trying to succeed and never give up when times are hard.many can learn to not give up and have hope. One can learn from another about not giving up and taking it to their own problems.
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