Andrew's Journal

Monday May 16 What i did this Weekend

What i did the weekend was i played video games. i played black ops three zombies and a little bit of multiplayer. I also had a track meet. I ran the 1600 meter run and the 400 meter dash. Are team won it all. I also went to my friend's house. What i did at my friends house is we jumped in the creek went dirt biking with my friends and played hide and seek at my friend's grandmas house. And at his grandmas we poped wheelies and went off jumps on our dirt bike. After we were at his grandmas house we went back to his house and jumped on his trampoline. After that my mom came to follow me back. road my dirt bike home

Wensday May 18 When it is summer

When it is summer i am going to ride my dirt bike almost everyday. I also want to play a lot of video games like GTA 5, Black ops 3 and clash of clans. Then my parents want me to be in some activities like tennis adventure place at the mines of spain etc. Also were talking about me going on a plane to Washington to see my brother. On the way back were going to set up a camp every night on our way home to Iowa. In clash of clans i'm expecting to get to at least all my defenses back at town hall 8. From today i have like 2 days left to wait on clash of clans. Someday i might download clash royale. On black ops 3 i would expect to maybe to get to prestige 2. I hope that i feel the summer goes slow i can sit back aand relax and enjoy the summer.

Thursday May 19 Dirt Biking

I like to dirt bike with my friends because it feels like you never get board and it's just better not to dirt bike alone. When we dirt bike at my house we usually go back to the back pasture or dirt bike in m

May 20 How Austin got a refiril FAKE

Austin got a refiril by punching a kid in the face and also calling him names and making him cry. Also he would refuse to go to the office so they had to drag him their. when they finally got him their he goes over to mr.pherslof and punches him

May 23 The defenseless creature

My reacton

May 24 The movie the reverent

My reaction to the movie was how did he survive because he barley survived by the bear attack and him getting hit by a hatchet in the chest. He was so cold that he ripped the guts out of the horse and he went inside it and got warm. he knows that woods by heart.

Wednesday May 25 Black Ops 3

What i do in black ops 3 is usually play zombies. i only play multiplayer if i am playing with my friends or else it isn't as fun.

Independent Study

This book is about An experience forgotten thanks to a Government-Issued memory wipe, A seventeen year old Cia Vale is eager

Thursday May 26 favorite gun in black ops 3

My favorite gun in black ops three in zombies and multiplayer. My favorite gun in multiplayer is the Kuda because it does good damage, it is a semi Automatic, Its mobility is good and it has a lot of ammo. My favorite gun in zombies is the HVK-30 because good ammo, shoots really fast and extremely high damage. i feel like it isn't as good in multiplayer.

Friday May 27 What i'm going to do in the weekend

What i'm going to do this weekend is maybe my friends could come to my house and dirt bike or We could go to their house. Also i'm going to be playing lots of video games with my friends like black ops three GTA V etc. Another i'm going to do this weekend i i'm going to be in the marching band parade on Monday, It's the Marmoreal Day Parade. I play the sousaphone. Finally i might see a movie with my family.