Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

September 22

Moreau Heights is a collaborative community focused on student growth with a commitment to excellence.

PBS lesson

Our PBS lesson for the week will focus on playground expectations.

We will also use our Second Steps lessons to focus on LISTENING. You currently have 1 set of "hands on" resources to share across your grade level. I will be purchasing 1 online license for each grade level. (If we find that the online resource has all the pieces we need, I will order another so that we have online and "hands on" resources to cover all grade level classrooms.)

"The goal is for adults to empower children to manage themselves. This can only occur if they learn to be aware of their emotions, regulate them and utilize their internal wisdom to guide their behavior"

Conscious Discipline - How Conscious Discipline Can Impact Your Classroom

The videos this week are more on the "mind shift" we make with Conscious Discipline.

The first video is a teacher's testimonial about how Conscious Discipline impacted his teaching, his classroom/students, and him as a person.

The second video is a testimonial from a teacher about the academic gains made by her students when she used Conscious Discipline.

The last videos are meant to highlight a few CD practices.

Character Trait for September is Respect

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Duties for the Week

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Calendar of Events

Monday, September 25

*Sue out at Cognitive Coaching training

*Special Lunch - Mexican

*Problem Solving Team mtg 3:30

Tuesday, September 26

*Sue out at Cognitive Coaching training

*5th grade Outdoor Ed Day

*Interagency meeting for JM - Hammann, Haugen, James, Gentry

*Interagency meeting for AM - Bray, Haugen, James, Treat, Gentry

*Interagency meeting for TK - Fleming, James, Treat, Spear, Gentry

*Tier 2 mtg 3:30

*JCPS Foundation Gala 5:00 - 8:00

Wednesday, September 27

*Fall Pictures

*Parent mtg (Dunn, Haugen) 1:15

*RED mtg (Russler, Haugen, Treat, James) 2:00

*Staff mtg 3:40

Thursday, September 28

*Collaboration Day

*Principal mtg 8:00 - 9:30

*Terri Tillinghast in to assist in office in PM, Sue out in PM

Friday, September 29

*PTO Pumpkin and Mum Sale begins at 3:00

*Terri Tillinghast in to assist in office for day, Sue out

Custodian Appreciation Week

Monday, October 2

*Sue Consult with Lorie Rost 9:00 - 11:30

*School Culture mtg 3:30

Tuesday, October 3

*New Crew 7:00 a.m.

*Literacy Team mtg 3:30

Wednesday, October 4

*Lockdown Drill 8:30 a.m.

*District Admin mtg 9 - 11:30

*Staffing (Hammann, OT, PT, James, Connelly, Humphreys) 1:15

*IEP for JR (Farmer, Haugen, Humphreys, Skinner) 3:30

Thursday, October 5

*Collaboration Day

*KOMU Class Pledge 9-10:30

*Sue to attend FST 9 - 10

*Leadership Team mtg 3:30

Adjusted Specials Times for Friday, Sept. 22

Assemblies on Friday will impact specials times.

iReady Data Snapshot

Here is a snapshot of our student data to start the year, relative to beginning of the year standards. The first pyramid shows MATH data, the second shows READING data.
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Attendance Concerns

Teachers, please be sure you are taking attendance by 8:30 so that Jeanne can make calls to check on students from whom we have not had a parent report the absence.

PLEASE pay attention when marking attendance to make sure that you are marking the correct child. We are still having teacher mark the incorrect child and are making calls telling parents their child isn't here, when he/she is present. You can imagine this causes concern on the part of the parent! Thank you for watching this to help Jeanne and our parents!

Be Kind to Neighbors!

Our neighbors across the road have talked with me about our parking issue along Hough Park, particularly directly across from the building.

On Thursday, they will place their trash cans at the curb between the driveway of the white house and the sidewalk of the red house. There will be 4 of them and they need space between the trash "cans" so that the trash truck can pick them up to be dumped. DO NOT MOVE THEIR TRASH CANS. We are wanting to work with our neighbors!

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1. Teams complete a Teamwork Tuesday form when they meet for collaboration on Tuesdays. This form can be found on the "Important Links" document in your MH 2017-18 docs Google Folder.

1. We greet students at the door each morning, or for each class. Can you incorporate different greetings from our Conscious Discipline learning into your greetings?

2. We record minors on the data sheets to reflect the reteaching or additional practice we provide as learning opportunities for students. Minor sheets are turned in to Jeanne each week for entry to inform our Tier 2 work and tracking impact of interventions.

3. Grades/scores are entered into Infinite Campus grade book by Tuesday of each week.

Shout Outs!

* Shout out to our School Culture team for keeping us "rocking" with our pop rocks for paying social dues AND for organizing an AWESOME lunch for Monday.

* Shout out to our PBS team for their work this week during our meeting to discuss and problem solve supports for students.

*Shout out to EVERYONE to working to develop positive relationships with students! Your work to develop these relationships will pay off and does make a difference! Thank you for doing all you do to support our young friends!