Local and Global


  • Wind is the the movement from air from high air pressure to areas of low air pressure.
  • Wind is created by differences in air pressure and by the unequal heating on earth's surface


  • Local winds are small winds that blow across small areas
  • Local winds are created by Land Breezes and By Sea breezes
  • Sea Breezes blow from the cool sea air underneath the warm land air (Day time)
  • Land Breezes blow from the cool land air underneath the warm sea air (Night time)
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  • Global Winds are large scale winds that blow steadily from directions over long distances
  • Differences in the temperature near the equator make huge convection currents in the atmosphere. These convection currents occur between the equator and the North and South Pole
  • The Doldrums are close to the equator and by there the sun heats the area strongly warm air starts to rise which causes low air pressure. There is little to no wind by the equator so the Doldrums has no wind
  • The Jet Stream is like two bending lines where one of the lines is cold and the other is hot and blow east to west at a very high speed. Trade winds are a band of very strong winds that are located between 0 and 30 Degrees latitude. Sailors use these winds to bring their cargo from place to place. The Prevailing Westerlies are winds that are located between 30 and 60 degrees north and south latitude and blow from the west
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